We will ask you what you want, and then we will make them in consultation with you.


You can select from 5-piece sets or 3-piece sets, popular for baby gifts. Please consult me for sizes, patterns or colors, etc.


You select the items you want, and we will ask you about size, patterns etc., before making the products.

About traditional Japanese pattern knit fabric

Smooth knit fabric with traditional Japanese pattern from wa-knit textile by “Sewing SO” 
100%cotton domestic fabric with an excellent soft touch.
The classic Japanese patterns with cute Japanese name of colours, a fan pattern that looks like seashell, and a chequered pattern that looks like acute cookie- all of these patterns are specialties, are also my favorite fabrics.The plum and cherry blossom patterns remind us of the seasons, and each pattern has its own meaning, which is unique to Japanese patterns.

About double gauze

Double gauze is made of two very thinly woven fabrics, which are very absorbent and breathable, soft to touch and become even softer when washed. 
Sincero only stocks 100% cotton gauze made in Japan, that it is satisfied with when it is actually touched.
Organic cotton gauze with the global standard OCS or OEKO-TEX certification is labelled as such.
As well as baby accessories, we also make handkerchiefs, gauze scarves and bolero-like clothes. Adults, children and babies alike can enjoy the soft touch of gauze.

Colours: from top to bottom

cherry blossom pattern
plum flower pattern

The sight of flowers all blooming at the same time gives a sense of “prosperity and/or abundance” and “the beginning of good things to come”

The plum tree is said to symbolize “endurance”, “vitality” and “longevity” as it endures the harsh winter and blooms when it is still cold. 

chequered pattern

The simple grid of two-coloured squares continues uninterruptedly up, down, left and right, making it an auspicious pattern with the meanings of “enternity”, “development” and “prosperity”.

light purple, indigo blue, reddish purple, colour of dawn, colour of young seedlings, light indigo

arabesque pattern

In Japan, this pattern, especially in evergreen colours, reminds us of a thief’s furoshiki.This is actually a lucky pattern with the meaning of “prosperity and longevity”, as the tendrils of the vine grow endlessly with their strong vitality. 

evergreen colour, matcha colour, golden yellow, old rose colour, hydrangea colour, turquoise blue, scarlet and navy blue

blue sea wave pattern

This is an auspicious pattern that wishes for happiness and peaceful living for many years to come, as it reminds one of a large, endless ocean and gentle waves.

matcha colour, golden yellow, light ultramarine blue, rose of sharon, colour of sunset sky, scarlet and navy blue

pattern resembling that of arrow feathers

This is a kasuri textile with a motif of arrow feathers, which is meant “to ward off evil spirits and to shoot out happiness”. The pattern is also intended to wish for strong and healthy growth, as arrows do not return once they are shot.

chinese pink, light purple, colour of dayflower, scarlet and navy blue

fan pattern

This is an auspicious pattern that signifies “prosperity, development”, due to the shape of the fan spreading out at the end of its length.
It also has the meaning of inviting good fortune and avoiding evil spirits, as you agitate with the fan.

light purple, light indigo, light reddish purple, pale and tannish red, colour of dawn, colour of young seedlings

well-digit pattern

This is a pattern of wooden frames built around the upper edge of a well. It is a symbol of family safety and increased financial fortune, because wells were an indispensable part of life.

chinese pink, colour of dayflower, indigo blue

hemp leaf pattern

This is a typical Japanese traditional pattern often used for baby clothes and adult kimonos. It is an auspicious pattern to wish for the healthy growth of the child and to ward off evil spirits, like the hemp leaf, which grows quickly and straight.

scarlet and navy blue, colour of sunset sky, colour of sky, peach colour



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  • please provide as much information as you know about your request
  • after checking the content, we will contact you by email in turn. It may take some time, but please wait until you receive a reply.
  • We will discuss patterns, sizes, delivery times, and so on.

5-piece set ①

fluffy baby wrap(blanket), footless sleepsuit, baby hat, baby bib, and handkerchief


5-piece set ②

fluffy baby wrap(blanket), front-opening bodysuit, bloomer, baby bib, and handkerchief


3-piece set ①

front-opening bodysuit, bloomer and baby bib

3-piece set ②

bodysuit, baby bib and handkerchief

3-piece set ③

t-shirt, baby legging and reversible vest

3点セット3 ¥4,180〜

All prices vary depending on the fabrics and designs

Baby clothes made of super soft 100% cotton Japanese patterned knit fabric

Baby T-shirt
(half sleeve, long sleeve)

Size ~12Mth, 1.5~2Yrs, ~3Yrs


(half sleeve, long sleeve)

Size ~12Mth, 1.5~2Yrs


Baby legging 

  • short
  • cropped length

Size ~12Mtn,1.5~2Yrs



Size ~3Mth, ~6Mth, ~12Mth


Front-opening bodysuit
(Japanese style)

Size ~3Mth, ~6Mth


Reversible vest with wrapped button
(with pile fabric,
with waffle fabric)

 Size 12Mth


Baby hat
(unlined and with wrapped button, lined with pile fabric)



Japanese summer clothes for Kids (set of short jacket and trousers, called Jinbei-san) 

Size ~3Yrs


Japanese summer clothes for babies (set of short jacket and bloomer, called Jinbei-san)

Size ~12Mth


Footless sleepsuit

Size ~3Mth, ~6Mth, ~12Mth


Reversible baby bib

  • Japanese patterned fabric on both sides(round shaped, cloud-shaped)


  • with waffle fabric (cloud-shaped)
  • string-tie type



baby accessories etc. made from Japanese-pattern fabrics and gauze

Reversible baby bib (one-point embroidery is available on plain gauze)

  • Plastic snap type
  • string-tie type



Fluffy baby wrap(blanket)



Fluffy sweat-absorbent pad (one-point embroidery is available on plain gauze of the collar)

Size S or M


Neck wraps to keep the neck cooler

Size S・M・L



(one-point embroidery is available on plain gauze)


hand-knitted baby clothes

Handknitted baby vest  



Handknitted baby cape

Price depend on the specification
Please contact us


Hand knitted baby hat, various

Size and shapes on request
Around ¥1,500-2,500

Handmade products made from 100% cotton gauze for adults

Summer gauze scarves with pockets for keeping coolants



Soft gauze bolero




Baby ring sling



Plastic bag-shaped eco-bags that can be folded round 

with button
with gom