“What I have been happy to make for my own children, or I wish I had made for them”
“What I’d like to make for my own grandchildren in the future”
“What I have used myself, and found very nice and enjoyed”
I want to make them with sincerity, and care each and every one of the things. Then I’d like you to hold them in your hands.

I will create mainly custom-made products by maintaining good communication with my order takers. 
I’m so happy if I could provide something special just for them and their gift recipients.


When the Covid19 pandemic was still in its infancy, I came across the fabric by wa-knit textile.  It was a pleasant shock with a surprise!

If my own children were still young・・I could have made them many clothes with these cute Japanese pattern fabrics・・I really wanted to make them! After a short time, I met the owner of the shop where I am currently selling on consignment. The person who helped me to meet her and the people I met there pushed me forward, then, the “Sincero” was born in January 2022!

We produce handmade products made from natural materials such as baby clothes made from Japanese-pattern fabrics, baby accessories and handkerchiefs made from Japanese-pattern fabrics and gauze, and hand-knitted baby clothes. Our repertoire of products is gradually increasing, and our gauze cold-insulating scarves, which can be used comfortably by adults, are popular item.

We will continue to carefully create new products in the future.We accept tailor-made orders at any time, so please feel free to contact us.

Currently, some of our products are sold on consignment at the “Handmade Zakka & Café Frosch” in Hirakata City, Osaka, and at the online shop of “Sewing So”.

We would like to gradually increase the number of consignment sellers.

Looking forward to working with you for many years to come.


松尾直生 -Matsuo Sunao-

Live in Osaka, Japan. Love handcraft.
I’m a mother of one daughter and two sons. They are already grown up …
While pregnant with my first child(daughter), I sewed baby clothes and hand-knitted woolen clothes or baby blanket. While raising my children, I made baby books and toys with fabrics. And also made them their schoolbags, embroidered  their name and or appliqued their favorites on them.
Sometimes my children still ask me to make them something.

My grandmother on my father’s side was good at Japanese dressmaking, and she sewed me handmade Yukatas and Kimonos since I was a child. Thanks to that, I still love wearing kimonos. I learned how to dress myself, l have attended the weddings or my children’s celebration events in kimono. As such, I of course really like Japanese culture and it was love at first sight for Japanese patterned knit fabric from wa-knit textile.

My maternal grandmother was good at both Japanese and western dressmaking. I remember she made me the dress for my first piano concert when I was a little child. After growing up, the Kimonos which my mother stopped wearing, she adapted them to my size, and now my daughter wears them.

And speaking of my mom, she was enjoying activities in various handcraft clubs with her friends, such as patchwork, knitting, and so on. She had also been taught Western-style sewing, so when I was a child, and even when I was a student, we would go shopping for fabric together and she would make me clothes out my favorite fabrics. I learned how to make a dress and knit by sewing and knitting by her side.

I am where I am today because of my two grandmothers and my mother. And above all, thanks to the understanding and cooperation of my family.