Double gauze fabrics

The season has moved on and it is already mid-May. The temperature fluctuates wildly from day to day and even within a day, but are you doing well?
When the temperature is high, the weather is getting sweaty. This is the beginning of the season for the products made of double gauze, e.g. sweat-absorbent pads and the gauze products for adults.

Here are the gauze fabrics we currently have in stock. We stock soft to the touch made in Japan.

Colours of plain gauze (top left) are from top to bottom: navy, light blue, mint, dark green, dark beige, peach, lilac and unbleached colour.
Shown in the top middle image(top right in the smartphone version), from top to bottom, is a triple gauze in raw colour, double gauze in tangerine coloured Japanese bleached cotton, cream gingham check and pink dotted pattern.
Hydrangea pattern, top right(bottom left in the smartphone version), is white, pink and grey from the top.
And we have a variety of cute patterned gauze. If you can’t find something you like, ask,”Do you have anything like this?” please contact us!

All gauze in the top left image is organic gauze, from right to left: turquoise blue, saxe blue, raw, yellow, flower bouquet(yellow), flower bouquet(purple), pink and pink stripe.
We don’t have much stock of the gauze in the image above right, but we can make some small items, so if you have a favourite, please contact us.

Please note that fabric stocks change on a daily basis and we may not be able to produce what you require due to insufficient stock at the time of your enquiry. We will do our best to re-order the same fabric or do everything possible to accommodate you, but please understand that it may not always be possible due to lack of stock at the place of order.

When we find new and wonderful gauze fabrics and they come in stock, we will introduce them on this blog and on Instagram, so please check them!