Fluffy spectacle case

How is everyone doing in these hot days in Japan?

I have come to need reading glasses. I look for my glasses in my bag when I look at my smartphone on the move.
If I have a lot of stuff in my bag, I can’t find it easily. Also, if I have luggage in my hands, it is often difficult to open the sapectacle case with both hands and take out the reading glasses, do you have this problem?
So I decided to make my own spectacle case.

”Fluffy spectacle case”
As the name suggests, they are made of 100% cotton and have a fluffy touch.
Glasses can be quickly taken out with one hand. Also made in a larger size to hold larger sunglasses.

To prevent the glasses from getting lost in the bag, we also made one with a strap that can be attached to the bag handle.
This one has a button attached, so I love the cute combination of the button and fabric. I made several for myself, both with and without straps, as a prototype. They are very useful and I love using them!
In the future, we also plan to make them in standard Japanese patterned knit fabrics. If you have any requests, such as strap lengths, or adjusting the length of the strap, please feel free contact us!